Current Staff

Pittco is operated by a 100% volunteer staff. We together have more than 90 years of LAN party experience, with 66 years as staff of LAN parties. As of 2011, our average staff member has attended LANs for almost seven years and worked them for five years.

All staff members dedicate their time, knowledge, and experience and receive absolutely no compensation. It’s not uncommon for staff members to game very little at their own events. They sacrifice so they can ensure you have the best LAN experience ever. It’s for that reason that we love to go to other LANs as a group so we can game!

Think you’ve got what it takes to be dedicated to LAN party greatness? Want to be part of a great team? Want to have a great not-for-profit on your resumé? Shoot us an email at


Board of Directors

President Jeff ‘TheJAEffect’ Adams
Treasurer VACANT
Secretary Matt ‘HugoStiggs’ Crow

Event Coordinators

Executive Manager Dave ‘cHip’ Auria
Console Director Jay ‘JayBird42’ Allshouse
Network Managers Dave ‘cHip’ Auria, Aaron ‘Aalienator’ Maricic, Patrick ‘p47r4ck’ Degnan
Sponsor Coordinator Jeff ‘TheJAEffect’ Adams

Full Staff List

Aaron ‘Aalienator’ Maricic

Colin ‘Rhettigan’ Dean

Dave ‘cHip’ Auria

Frank ‘KoLD’ Kress

Jason ‘Smerecz’ Smereczniak

Jason ‘Delta36c Wojtaszek

Jeff ‘The JAEffect’ Adams

John ‘JayBird42’ Allshouse

Jonathan ‘Cleric’ Daniel

Jordan ‘BigJ64′ Retterer

Justin ‘erad1cate’ Ritter

Matt ‘HugoStiggs’ Crow

Nik ‘saberwolf’ Parenti

Patrick ‘p47r4ck’ Degnan

Rachel ‘crunknwj’ Olsen

Tyler ‘WalkingHouse’ House

Retired and Former Staff

Eric ‘telstar’ Neugebauer

Dan ‘DanW’ Wright

Greg ‘Upon1′ Baden

Jason ‘Trik’ Frank

Michael ‘Gordo74′ Frank

Phil ‘core_dumped’ Herrle

RJ ‘ARJ’ Schmidt

Rob ‘spawn59′ Metro

Sean ‘Obsidian’ Potter

Zack ‘EANx’ Zlotnik

Bob ‘BobK’ Kelley

Kyle ‘wild turkey’ Turk

Matt ‘MattyJ’ Adams

Matt ‘L4NBOY’ Malesky

Jonathan ‘Cleric’ Daniel

Dan ‘jungleralph’ Motles

Chris ‘Taywin’ Jones


…and some others… lost with the reformats and site wipes of time…