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February 1, 2012

Steam available for Android and iOS

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Written by: Colin Dean
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Valve Software has made Steam for Mobile Devices available to the general public after an approximately week-long invite-only beta period. The mobile app offers Steam gamers the ability to chat with friends, see playtime and inventory, and, of course, spend ludicrous amounts of money on its amazing deals, among other regular sales. Check out a quick look at the beta version of Steam for Mobile Devices I took at Pittco sponsor ThinkComputers, or just to download the app yourself for Android or iOS!

Catalog, Steam for Mobile Devices

Catalog screen

Friend List, Steam for Mobile Devices

Friend list screen

Screenshots courtesy of ThinkComputers

About the Author

Colin Dean
Colin has been a gamer since the days of Oregon Trail on his mother's Apple ][e. Fast forward to today, and he's primarily a casual PC, Mac, and Linux gamer who enjoys some PS3 gaming occasionally. He's in charge of PLAS, Pittco's next-generation LAN party management software and helms Pittco's sponsorships and social network presence. You can also read his hardware reviews on ThinkComputers.org.



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