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LAN Parties

January 26, 2012

ISXIII – Tournaments Announced!


The time has come, the time has come! Us Pittco staffers wanted to give all you gamers the longest amount of time to get ready for IronStorm XIII because you know that the competition will be heavy. Below is a list of tournaments that have already been worked into our 3 day schedule. We will also make rule specific announcements for each game as we iron them out. Check out the list and tell your friends so you might finally be able to settle who the better gamer is.



(PC) Counter-Strike: Source 5v5

This will be a traditional CS:S Tournament. Rules and map rotation will be announced soon. A buy-in of $25 per team is asked to enter the Tournament. 1st place get Prizes along with bulk of the money pot; 2nd gets Prizes and their buy-in back. Check here for all the tournament details!


( PC) Heroes of Newerth 5vs5

This will be our 2nd year running a Heroes of Newerth tournament. Last year, S2Games was gracious enough to hook us up with our first developer sponsorship and they’re back again this year, offering more than $380 worth of HoN Gold. Check here for all the tournament details!

(PC) League of Legends 5vs5, sponsored by Kingston

This will be the first ever LoL tournament at an IronStorm event. After the success of the last Heroes of Newerth Tournament we had a large out cry to support all of the LoL players in the area. So, you ask and you shall receive. Check here for all the tournament details!

For our inaugural LoL tournament, Kingston will provide the placers with a high end memory kit, a high capacity flash drive, or a RAM fan.


(PC) Starcraft II 1vs1, sponsored by Antec

Potentially the largest single player tournament at ISXII; this year we plan on making it even better. We’ve partnered with one of our sponsors to provide place specific prizes for our 3 top competitors but by the time the LAN rolls around who knows what we’ll be giving away. Check here for all the tournament details!

Pittco has teamed up with Antec this year for this intense StarCraft 2 tournament. Players will compete for SC2 bragging rights as well as Antec prizes, including their new Eleven Hundred gaming case! Head over to facebook.com/AntecInc for contests, PC hardware features, and more.


(PC) Team Fortress 2 6vs6

Team Fortress 2 has always been a very popular game in the Pittco Community. Hivegaming.net graciously hosts a Pittco Team Fortress 2 server because of that popularity. This event we’ll host a 6vs6 TF2 CP Tournament. Check here for all the tournament details!


(Console) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 4vs4, sponsored by Dark Threads

Always one of the biggest and most entertaining tournaments at the event, ISXIII should prove to be no different. This will be a game featured on our deluxe console setup and will pull one of the biggest player bases. The CoD tournament never fails to put on a show. Check here for all the tournament details!

Dark Threads will be providing prizes for the CoD:MW3 tournament including some great apparel and bags.


(Console) Goldeneye N64 4person FFA

This is the game that stole all of our hearts and continues to do so till this day. Many of the industry’s journalists have praised it as one of the most important first-person shooters of all time. Pittco feels the same way.


(Console) Halo: Reach 4vs4, sponsored by GameOn Party Planners

This was the game that started the major influx of consoles players to our Iron Storm events. The halo games always draw a huge crowd of players and spectators. We’ll be sure to have some top tier prizes picked out for the winners of this event. Check here for all the tournament details!

The Halo: Reach tournament will be sponsored by GameOn Party Planners. They’ll be providing party credit and free admission to their massive Halo: Reach tournament later this year.


(Console) Mortal Kombat 2011 1vs1

Get Over Here~! This is a recent addition to the IronStorm event. After a successful showing at SuddenLAN we’ve decided to incorporate into the big LAN. The latest version of Mortal Kombat takes us back to our roots and it’s a place we don’t mind being. The big question is, can Butane Mage reign supreme on a fighter other than Street Fighter? Check here for all the tournament details!

Mortal Kombat’s first appearance at an Iron Storm event is sponsored by Gamers Mobile Party. It’ll be providing a free three-hour party session to the winner of the tournament, a $300 value.


(Console) Super Smash Bros: Brawl 2vs2

Grab a friend and team up in this awesome Nintendo Wii fighter. SSBB always proves that no matter how simple the controls, no matter how simple the game, you can still get your ass handed to you like no other. This year the combo of saberwolf and r0bVious won’t be on display so who will be the next Brawl Kings?


(Console) Street Fighter 1vs1

Because Capcom releases another Street Fighter game every 6 months, we’ve decided to choose the game closer to

the event. Hell, we might even play all of these. So if you’re a hardcore gamer, grab your fight pad and get ready to deal out some punishment.



About the Author

Nik Parenti
Also known as 'saberwolf' in the online realm, you'll catch me writing articles and generating original content for all you Pittco faithful. I'm one of the founding members of cantstopthis and I've been tearing up the online gaming scene since 1998. I made Pittco my home in 2004 and have been peeing on it ever since.



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