About Us

About Pittco

The Pittsburgh LAN Coalition was established in December of 2003 as an organization that hosts Local Area Network gaming parties (‘computer and console gaming convention’). We are comprised of several long-standing local LAN gaming organizations working cooperatively as one entity. The following is a list of LAN organizations who are currently part of the Coalition: SlyDuck, ThinkComputers.org, 24oz LAN, PGHLANfest, Nukem LAN, Uber Ware, TerrorLAN, and LoLLeR LAN.

Our Mission

To serve the gaming community of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the east coast as the premier LAN party organization by hosting successful, large scale LAN gaming parties.

Our Vision

To pool our resources into an extensive community involving participants, sponsors, and staff to bring gamers through a professional, safe, and fun environment the best and biggest LAN parties in Pittsburgh and east coast history.

We strive to expand our community, organization, and resources through hard work and dedication, and what more effective way than to partner with more organizations? If your organization would like to be a part of the gaming Coalition please e-mail one of the executive staff members! If you are not with a LAN party organization but have the skills, know-how, and enthusiasm of running LAN parties, we accept staff members without a previous LAN party affiliation!


Not everyone is familiar with our organization and LANs themselves. We understand that parents are concerned about their children attending an event that they do not know much about. To help alleviate the worries of many adults and LAN goers we have created a document that helps best describe what LAN parties are all about, how our LAN is run, and what to expect at the LAN parties. Please refer to the Pittco Information Supplement document for any of these concerns.

Back in the day, there were many small LAN organizations throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. These party organizations threw relatively small, successful parties, and all were happy…


Our Legacy

One day, however, something happened. Voices of change stirred in the breeze. The local organizations realized that their goal of individual growth was stunted by lack of resources. The groups’ staff envisioned a LAN party in which all of the local organizations cooperatively acted as one and shared their resources to put on the biggest and most successful LAN party in the Pittsburgh region. Thus, the Pittsburgh LAN Coalition was conceived to fulfill this dream.

When Pittco was first formed, it consisted of six different organizations: Sly Duck, Think Computers, White Tiger Internet Gaming, Pittsburgh LANFest (back then called Animono.org LANfest), Nukem LAN, and 24oz. LAN. Very quickly, other organizations saw the incredible potential of such a co-op effort. Pittsburgh’s TerrorLAN and Uber Ware joined in the partnership. Together, these groups formed a LAN super power and executed on February 28th-29th, 2004, one of the biggest LAN parties that Pittsburgh had ever seen: Iron Storm I, a 120 man LAN party spanning an entire weekend.

After their first success, the Pittco staff realized the power of the coalition. They set a new goal of hosting an even more successful and organized party. At the size that Iron Storm I was, this would be a great feat, so the partners started working on their second LAN, Iron Storm II, with restructured approaches to maximize the efficiency of each facet of the LAN party. During this time, many of the partners thought of hosting smaller LANs under their own name, but between working on Iron Storm II and the staff’s other lives most of the groups agreed to focus their effort at the next Pittco LAN. Iron Storm II executed on August 31st and ended July 1st of 2004, and it was heralded once again as a great success.

Since the inception of the Pittsburgh LAN Coalition, Pittco has become more than just a coalition. It has become Pittsburgh’s premier LAN superpower and an interwoven organization that has forged great friendships and partnerships. As the core staff of the partners move on in their lives and in separate directions, it is still very certain that their focus remains on the great mission which is the foundation of the Pittsburgh LAN Coalition — the mission of bringing Pittsburgh and the East Coast the largest and most successful LAN parties ever!

The legacy continues…