Play What You Want

Pittco isn’t just about winning prizes. Sometimes you just need to play your favorite games with your friends. Bring whatever you like and you might just find someone who enjoys the same. 

Win Prizes

Play in officially sponsored tournaments and bring home prizes provided by your favorite vendors. All you have to do is show up and bring your ‘A’ game to walk away with some new amazing gear. 

Be Yourself

Whether you are a geek or nerd, you have a home at Pittco. Come to an event and bring your friends, but be prepared to make some new ones. After all, our mantra is “Stop playing games alone.”

Launch Events

No bedtimes here.

We really enjoy doing launch events for all types of games. We’ve set up small LANs for Call of Duty and other first person shooters in the past and would love to do it again. If you want to host a game launch party, let us know!

Looking for Sponsors

Any ideas?

We are always looking for event sponsors to help provide prizes and swag for our events. If you’ve got an idea or would like to sponsor us, drop us a line!